September 29

Where Angels Fear to Tread

It was one of them two story, mid-western farm houses like you seen on the Waltons, if you ever watched it.  Hank kicked the front door open, carryin’ his shotgun. We get inside, and the boys spread out searchin’ for the people that lived there.  I found the girl upstairs in her bed. Fifteen if she was lucky, wearin’ nothin’ but a wifebeater and a pair of white cotton panties. Her fuckin’ hair was in a ponytail. Blond, big blue eyes and cocksucker lips. A walkin’ wet dream.

So, I’m standin’ in the doorway watchin’ her and she’s pressed up against the wall, all wide eyed and terrified. Somewhere downstairs they found the stereo. Motorhead. And they crank that shit up loud but it ain’t enough to cover ‘em tearin’ up the house. Or her mother screamin’ when they dragged her down the stairs.  It ain’t enough to keep her from figurin’ out what’s goin’ on.  She starts cryin’.

There was at least a dozen of us. She starts beggin’ me not to hurt her and I’m still just standin’ there in the doorway, thinkin’ to myself how she gotta whole lot more’n me to worry about.  That’s when I realized it was rainin’.  I could hear that shit hittin’ her window louder than the music and the screamin’ downstairs and her old man runnin’ his mouth about how he’s gonna kill everyone. Like he’s actually got some kinda control or some shit.  We hear the gun go off and this little girl screams. And that’s when shit went bad.

Between the rain and the old man and the woman downstairs, I started gettin’ agitated. My nerves started twitchin’ like I was gonna lose my shit sooner rather than later. You know what that’s like?  And that fuckin’ song wouldn’t stop. It just kept playin’ over and over.  Then the gun went off and it was like everything just froze. Everything but that stereo.

Then she starts screamin’, I hear Hank say somethin’ about who else is in the house. I guess that’s when he noticed I wasn’t there because I heard him yellin’ for me and that cunt they had downstairs starts whinin’ about her little girl and how they needed to just leave her alone.

I’m not really sure why I did it, but I started thinkin’ real fast like. I think it was the sound of ‘em stompin’ through the house towards the stairs. I checked out the window but there was no way down from there. Yanno, like suddenly, I give a fuck about some little girl I don’t know in some house in the middle of fuckin’ nowhere.

I’d closed the door when I went to check the window. Lockin’ it behind me like it was gonna slow ‘em down. And we’re in one of those situations where there ain’t gonna be no happy endin’. Just the lesser of two evils. And I’m standin’ at the end of her bed thinkin’ about that and havin’ a hard time acceptin’ it when they get to the door.

She goes all hysterical and shit and grabs a hold of me, beggin’ me to help her.  So I did the only thing I could do. I put a fuckin’ bullet in her head right between those big blue eyes.

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