September 30

Samuel Cross On Love

Love can be coerced. It can be created where it wouldn’t or shouldn’t otherwise exist. People can be made to feel whatever you want ‘em to. Love can be forged like a fuckin’ signature and manipulated. You can plant that seed and water it and watch it grow into a ragin’ inferno. And they can’t help but believe in it and believe it’s real cuz shit, darlin’, they feel it and it feels real and it’s just as powerful and all consumin’ as the real thing.

It’s the one thing people want and need more than sex and the one thing that damn near anyone’ll sell their souls for. And it’s a fuckin’ lie. It’s no different than any other addiction. You can sell that shit on the streets, too. Love is a many splendored thing, baby girl. Especially when you’re on the receivin’ end and reapin’ all the profits to be made from it.

Because love is the only thing that saves you from loneliness and loneliness is a killin’ disease. Find someone lonely enough, offer ‘em just a sliver of hope for that shit and they are yours. They’re putty in your fuckin’ hands to be used as you will and thrown away whenever you want and any good con man’ll tell you it’s their own damn fault.

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